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Buy Christmas Gift for Musician at zZounds

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Audio Technica AT2041 Studio Microphone Package

Audio Technica AT2041 Studio Microphone Package

Target Market: Recording Musicians, Vocalists
Price: $149.95

Product Description: The AT2041SP Studio Pack offers two versatile 20 Series condenser microphones for use in home, project and commercial studios. Equally at home with digital and analog recording devices, the two included studio condensers deliver remarkable specs and superior build. The critically acclaimed AT2020 side-address condenser is ideal for vocal and instrument applications, while the new AT2021 small-diaphragm condenser is a natural for acoustic instruments, overheads, hi-hat and piano.
Keywords: AT2041, AT2020, AT2021, Audio Technica Condenser, Audio Technica Mic Package, Audio Technica, Microphone Package
Comments: This will be a popular mic package among musicians and recordists. Audio Technica is a big name, and these are some nice mics at such an amazing package price.

Novation Remote 25SL 25-Key USB Controller Keyboard with AutoMap

Novation Remote 25SL 25-Key USB Controller Keyboard with AutoMapTarget Market: Computer Musicians, Producers, Keyboardists
Price: $399.95
Finally, recording in the dark is a thing of the past. The SL shines a light on the murky world of MIDI control by providing two giant, brightly lit LCD screens alongside an intelligent Automap mode*, which detects what instruments you have in your project and intelligently and logically maps the controls to the SL's front panel.

Product Description: Novation's Remote25 SL is a compact, USB driven keyboard MIDI controller with a wide range of smart controls. Employing a row of faders, a barrage of buttons, and plenty of knobs, Remote25 SL is a hands on solution to getting the most out of your computer music production.
Keywords: Novation Remote 25, Remote25, Novation MIDI controller, Novation USB controller
Comments: Novation is a big name to keyboardists, music producers, and those who aspire to be. In the Remote25, they put a LOT of value into such a low price. This will be a big seller year round, but expect a bigger push during the holidays.

Akai MPC500 MIDI Production System/Sampler

Akai MPC500 MIDI Production System/Sampler - buyat zZounds Online
Target Market: Hip Hoppers, electronic musicians
Price: $799.00

Product Description: Akai Professional's MPC500 is the first truly portable all-in-one Music Production Center. Affording artists the ability to sample and create music on-the-go, the MPC500 offers many of the same features users have grown to love in the MPC line. From rock solid sequencing and programming to expandable memory and storage options, the MPC500 is only small in physical size. Compatible with other MPC products, the MPC500 extends users' studios to fit in with their mobile lifestyles.
Keywords: MPC500, MPC 500, Akai MPC, Midi Production Center, Music Production Center, Akia MPC
Comments: If you've heard a hip hop song, there is a good chance you've heard an MPC. That said, anyone wanting to make hip hop music generally wants this machine. Before the MPC500 came out, there hasn't been an MPC for sale for under $1000. This is a big release just ready for the holiday season...

Digidesign MBox 2 Pro FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface

Digidesign MBox 2 Pro FireWire Audio/MIDI InterfaceTarget Market: Singers, Songwriters, Guitarists, Rappers, Producers, etc (anyone ready to record)
Price: $699.00

Product Description: The Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro is a portable, high-definition audio/MIDI production system that delivers truly professional sound quality. Packing an impressive variety of connection options into a compact interface, Mbox 2 Pro puts powerful multitrack recording and mixing capabilities into your hands, so you can create wherever inspiration strikes. Mbox 2 Pro also includes award-winning, industry-standard Pro Tools LE software, over 50 effects and instrument plug-ins, and the Pro Tools Ignition Pack -- a collection of powerful tools to get you started creating right away.
Keywords: Mbox, Mbox Pro, Digidesign Mbox, Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools
Comments: This recent release is very lustworthy among musicians. The Mbox 2 Pro is a Pro Tools recording system with plenty of hardware functionality. This is a gold-mine for any musician, from guitarists to rappers to songwriters, turning their computer into a full service recording studio.
Similar Recommendation: Regular version of the Mbox2, only $449

Tama IS52C Imperialstar 5-Piece Drum Kit

Tama IS52C Imperialstar 5-Piece Drum KitTarget Market: Drummers (new to growing)
Price: $629.95

Product Description: The Imperialstar by Tama is ideal for the budding drummer who wants a kit they can grow into, not grow out of. This package comes "Ready to Rock" with an 18x22 inch bass drum and high-quality German-made brass cymbals.
Keywords: Tama Imperialstar 5-piece drum kit, Imperialstar drum kit, IS52C
Comments: For a serious beginner, this is a perfect kit. Just as the description says, this is a kit the drummer can grow into, not out of. If you have musician traffic, this is a great kit to show prospective drummers or their gift-giving family/friends.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (with Case)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (with Case)Target Market: Guitarists (experienced)
Price: $999.99 (dropped from $1269.00 on October 20th)

Product Description: The Les Paul Studio enhances the solid, proven design of the world’s most famous guitar with a wide choice of finishes, a sleek, no-frills look. The Les Paul Studio is the favorite of guitarists who demand traditional Les Paul performance with a modern attitude.
Keywords: Gibson Les Paul, Les Paul Studio, Gibson LP Studio
Comments: At this price point, we don't expect it to move like the Silvertone guitar pack above. But this Guitar always moves during the holidays, thanks to some very generous givers...

Marshall MG Guitar Amplifier Half Stack with MG100HDFX Head and MG412A Cabinet

Marshall MG Guitar Amplifier Half Stack with MG100HDFX Head and MG412A CabinetTarget Market: Guitarists (growing to experienced)
Price: $599.95

Product Description: The Marshall Half Stack is legendary among guitarists. Boasting the same impressive features and staggering versatility of the MG100DFX combo, this awesome, 100 Watt head will drive any cabinet in the Marshall range, but is best suited to the MG412A (angled) 120 Watt 4x12" cabinet. Unbelievable tone, feel, and projection come as a standard.
Keywords: Marshall Half Stack, Marshall MG100HDFX, Marshall MG412A, Marshall MG, MG100HDFX, Marshall Stack
Comments: Old Faithful. The only guitarists that don't want a Marshall Half Stack are the guitarists that already own one. This has always been a big seller for zZounds, and this holiday season will not be an exception.

Line6 Floor POD

Line6 Floor PODTarget Market: Guitarists (new to experienced)
Price: $199.95

Product Description: Rock ‘n’ Roll has never been about taking things in moderation. So why skimp on your guitar tone? Floor POD® offers 12 prescription-strength amp and cab models from the critically acclaimed POD® 2.0 plus amazing sounding, easy-to-use effects right at your feet. Now you can have your signature sound in any situation. No hassles. No headaches. From jamming with headphones at home, plugging in front of any guitar amp or PA or jacking into anything with power and speakers, getting killer guitar sounds for studio or stage has never been easier.
Keyowrds: Line 6 Floor POD, Line 6 Pod, Line 6 amp modeling, amp modeling pedal
Comments: One of the most common second purchases an electric guitarist makes is for guitar effects. These are big products for us, and Line 6 is one of the biggest names in this category. The Line 6 Floor POD is an inexpensive way for guitarists of every age and skill level to add a huge selection of new sounds to their guitar. This season, the Floor POD will be a big hit with guitarists.

Tascam US144 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface

Tascam US144 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI InterfaceTarget Market: Musicians who want to record with their computer
Price: $199.95
The follow-up to the mega popular US-122, the new US-144 delivers everything you'd want in a portable audio/MIDI interface and more!

Product Description: Record two tracks at a time with zero latency; whether you have a PC or a Mac, your song ideas go down in real time, real easy. Its size means you can take it anywhere you take your laptop, yet it's packed with features that make buying it an audio no-brainer. MIDI input and output, high quality mic inputs, 96kHz/24-bit recording (better than CD quality)-all the stuff you'd want without the fluff you wouldn't. The US-144: the answer to your recording needs.
Keywords: Tascam US144, Tascam USB Audio Interface, Tascam USB Interface, Tascam Computer Recording
Comments: If you have musician visitors, they'll want to see this item. The US144 by Tascam is a computer recording system that connects via USB and allows musicians to create very high quality recordings. This is a great gift for musicians this season.

Yamaha YPG225 76-Key Portable Grand Keyboard

Yamaha YPG225 76-Key Portable Grand KeyboardTarget Market: zZounds recommends Yamaha YPG225 for Beginner keyboardists, piano players
price: $319.95
Product Description: The Yamaha Portable Grand YPG-225 is a 76 key piano-focused instrument with innovative features like piano-style keys, USB computer connectivity, a large selection of realistic sounding voices and Your Tempo lesson mode that lets you learn to play at your own pace.
Keywords: YPG225, Yamaha Portable Grand, Yamaha YPG, Yamaha DG
Comments: Yamaha's "portable grand" keyboards have always been big sellers. These are fantastic for starters who want a basic understanding of the keyboard-- the instructional software is excellent. USB connectivity allows for a very flexible, extensible experience. This is a great product for kids and adults, and an ideal gift for anyone who loves music.

Best of zSounds: Behringer EG2080 Digital Piano

Best seller of zSounds - Behringer EG2080 Digital PianoTarget Market: Piano players, teachers, students
Price: $679.95
Product Description: The Behringer Eurogrand digital piano is an 88-key, weighted hammer-action keyboard that provides the touch and feel of a concert grand. The Eurogrand includes 14 authentic instrument sounds, 80 Watts of stereo power and a 2-track sequencer for rehearsals, all built into an elegant wood grain cabinet with black finish. For those who wish to learn, wish to play again, wish to teach, or wish to entertain, the Behringer Eurogrand is the ideal choice.
Keywords: Behringer Eurogrand, Behringer Piano, Behringer EG2080, EG2080
Comments: Behringer's Eurogrand is a whole lot of digital piano for a little price. Most competing pianos are above the $1k range, yet Behringer is famous for bringing big value down to a friendly price. This has been a big product since it was announced in January at the NAMM convention, and we're expecting it to have a big holiday season...

Shure E2 Mini Stereo Earphones

Shure E2 Mini Stereo EarphonesTarget Market: Anyone with an iPod
Price: $99.95
In-ear earphones provide sound quality far beyond the technical ability of even the most expensive earbuds, and provide isolation that's superior to even the best headphones. By creating an exact fit between the sound source and your ear canal, unwanted sounds are blocked out while the music comes straight in.

Product Description: Own an iPod? Do you know what you're missing with those standard iPod earphones? The Shure E2 Mini Stereo Earphones provide a night and day difference, a true, gorgeous full spectrum of sound that your little white plugs can't touch. The E2 features a high energy driver in a distinctive comet-shaped enclosure that creates fuller, richer sound than any earbud is capable of producing. The insightful mechanical design of the E2 is a result of Shure's years of experience with working musicians, resulting in an affordable in-ear earphone that provides excellent isolation from background noise.
Keywords: Shure E2, Shure Earplugs, Shure earphones, iPod earphones, iPod earplugs, iPod headphones
Comments: I own a pair of of these earphones, and I can't believe how true they sound. They make my ipod sound better than a home hi-fi system. If you have a blog with a tech audience, blog these. If you don't, blog these. If you want a product to showcase on your site, you're looking at 'em. If you have an ipod section in your shopping mall site, feature these as a must-have accessory. They will sell well, and your visitors will be very happy they bought them.

Ion Audio iTTUSB Turntable with USB and Software

Ion Audio iTTUSB Turntable with USB and SoftwareTarget Market: Anyone with vinyl records
Price: $149.95
Convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 via USB easy!

Product Description: ION has created the world’s first USB turntable allowing you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 with the included recording software. (No special drivers needed.) The ION USB turntable includes Audacity software for Mac/PC for recording as well as a trial of Bias Soundsoap 2 for cleaning and restoring vinyl. This turntable also has line-level output for connecting to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary (AUX) inputs.
Keywords: iTTUSB, Ion USB Turntable, Ion USB, USB turntable, USB record player
Comments: This is a huge product. So huge, ION has not been able to keep up with demand. We are currently back-orderded on this product, but I had to include it- the buzz on this product is scary. We will be carrying these for the holiday season, and I am proud to say that we will be carrying this before anyone else. Hold off on ppc traffic for this product, but when it comes in- promote away. This will sell like hotcakes.

Yamaha DD55 Digital Drum Kit - buy at

Yamaha DD55 Digital Drum KitTarget Market: New drummers, percussionists, kids of all ages
Price:: $240.00
30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Applies On This Item - Buy it, and if it isn't just right for you, return it!
Product Description: A complete digital drum kit at an incredible price, the DD55 makes a great compact drum kit for players of all levels. This package includes a pair of drum sticks, 2 footpedals, a power supply, a pair of stereo headphones, plus an extended 2-year warranty.
Keywords: Yamaha DD55, Yamaha DD33, Cheap Digital Drums, Toy Drumset, Toy Drum kit
Comments: Last year, we carried Yamaha's DD33 and DD55- the former being a lower priced, 3 pad version of the DD55 we still carry. We moved on from the DD33, as the DD55's sales were stellar. Going into another year with the DD55, we expect big results out of this one again..

Washburn D10S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Washburn D10S Solid Top Acoustic GuitarTarget Market: Best choice for beginners
Price: $179.95

Product Description: The World's Best Selling Acoustic Guitar earned the distinction with superior craftsmanship, tone, and value. Voted Number 1 by Acoustic Guitar magazine as the best guitar under $500. Now with a solid Spruce top.
Keywords: Washburn D10S, Washburn Solid Top, D10S, Washburn Acoustic Guitar, Cheap Acoustic Guitar
Comments: Based on their value-for-price alone, we can't keep these on the shelf. Acoustic Guitar Magazine's claim of the D10S being the best acoustic under $500 is easily warranted. This is a great product, and a giant step up from the cheap $40 acoustics you see at Costco made out of balsa wood and bubble gum. A gift giver has an easy decision on this guitar.

What's zZounds Hot: Silvertone SS11 Revolver Electric Guitar and Amplifier Package

Revolver Electric Guitar and Amplifier PackageTarget Market: New guitarists. Top present for nearest holidays ;)
Only $169.95
Product Description: Ready to play the guitar? Silvertone's Revolver Guitar Package is ready for you. Just open the box, plug and play. The SS11 package includes everything a new or budding guitarist needs to learn, jam with friends and do a live show. You'll also get the Smart III amp, surprisingly loud for its size, with a tape/CD input for playing along with your favorite tunes as well as a headphone out to practice quietly. Also included in the package are a gig bag, QT8 Quick Tuner, strap, cable, pickpack, instructional video, and an extra set of strings.
Precision built by the world's most experienced guitar manufacturer, the SS11 offers similar features to some of the most popular guitars in the world. You'll also get the Smart III amp, surprisingly loud for its size, with a tape/CD input for playing along with your favorite tunes as well as a headphone out to practice quietly. Also included in the package are a gig bag, QT8 Quick Tuner, strap, cable, pickpack, instructional video, and an extra set of strings.

Keywords: Silvertone SS11, Silvertone Revolver, Silvertone Guitar Package, Cheap Guitar Package, Cheap Electric Guitar, Starter Guitar Pack
Comments: Year-after-year, Silvertone's SS11 guitar pack is among our top products during the holiday season. It is a widely popular gift, given by parents to their growing little rockstars and sometimes treated to the parents themselves.
Similar Recommendation: If they would prefer the bass guitar instead of the six-string, suggest the Silvertone Bass Guitar Pack.

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zZounds Keyboard

Kurzweil K2600XS 88-Key Production Station Keyboard with Sampling

zZounds Product Description
The Evolution of Sound Continues
Professionals around the world use Kurzweil instruments for all their production needs. From Film Studios and composers to the U.S. Government, Kurzweil delivers the quality and award-winning audio that is required by the best.

Continuing this tradition, Kurzweil is proud to offer the K2600. Fully compatible with all models that Kurzweil offers, professionals can continue their work without interruption, always confident that archived work will be compatible.

Building on Kurzweil's world-renowned operating system, the K2600 can do more than ever before. The new operating system expands the algorithms from 32 to 127 with Kurzweil's exclusive Triple Modular Processing. The K2600 is the complete workstation — allowing the user to work from concept to completion without changing from station to station. The K2600XS adds a sampling option.

Kurzweil is known for quality instruments that are upgraded, not outdated. All K2000 and K2500 Series libraries are forward compatible with the K2600. That is how Kurzweil was able to build the largest sound library in the world. In addition, Kurzweil reads other major formats directly into the system for use with its V.A.S.T. architecture. New operating systems and options are always being created, expanding an artist's power while preserving his investment in time and programming.

Kurzweil's award-winning proprietary Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (V.A.S.T.) is the state-of-the-art synthesis system, giving an artist powerful expression not available with any other brand. V.A.S.T. can accurately model or emulate many synthesis processes offered by the competition, past or present. In addition, V.A.S.T. has many processes not available anywhere else. A simple comparison will prove the K2600 is the clear choice for any sound professional.

Ask and Receive
The K2600 also includes new features that players around the world have asked for. Most options on the K2600 are now user-installable, allowing quick and easy upgrades to the workstation. Kurzweil's exclusive KDFX is now standard on all K2600 units allowing digital effects processing to any signal. Flash ROM has been upgraded from 2Mb to 4Mb, giving twice the memory for fast system upgrades and setups. The KB-3 Tone Wheel Organ Mode is now standard, providing powerful tone wheel synth models and control.

zSounds Product Features:
  • 76-note semi-weighted and 88-note fully weighted action keyboard versions available

  • True 48-voice polyphony with 192 oscillators

  • Fluorescent 64 x 240 backlit LCD display

  • 4MB sample memory upgradable to 128MB

  • 4MB flash memory for OS and ROM storage

  • Full MIDI controller capabilities including 8 sliders, 2 ribbon controllers, footswitches, pedals, and breath controllers — all assignable

  • V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) with 60 DSP functions.

  • New Triple Modular Processing offers 126 sound shaping algorithms for per-voice processing Flash ROM (for software updates via floppy disk and SCSI). The current version of the operating system is 2.0. The operating system in your unit is displayed on power up.

  • Extensive sample-processing capabilities

  • Over 450 programs provided

  • 32-track sequencer with full editing

  • 16 MIDI channels, each can be a 32-layer program

  • Sampling option with analog and digital I/O and sample-while-play capability

  • Up to 44MB on board ROM sounds, acclaimed Stereo Grand Piano now included

  • Powerful KDFX 5 stereo bus, 24-bit digital effects now standard

  • DMTi Digital Multi-track interface option for data format and sample rate conversion, and multi-channel digital patchbay

  • KB-3 Organ Mode provides powerful tone wheel organ synth models

  • Live Mode, with real-time A to D converters now standard

Included Accessories
  • Power cable

  • Sustain pedal

  • Two manuals: the Musician's Guide and the Musician's Reference

  • KB-3
    The KB-3 Organ Mode is standard on all K2600 Series instruments. The sliders and mod wheel accurately model the drawbars of a Tone Wheel Organ. This revolutionary synthesis modeling tool gives the user the power to blend harmonics in real-time to create and control unique new timbres. Full polyphony is always maintained, with a single-voice containing 9 harmonics that may be blended, controlled, and/or recorded in real time. KB-3 is just the beginning, future software enhancements will unlock the true potential of this new tool.

    The K2600's full-function 32-track sequencer is equipped with many features only found on the most sophisticated software-based sequencers. With a maximum internal resolution of 768 ppq, sequencer functions include: Linear, Pattern and Step (Drum Machine), Record Modes, Reference Quantize, Event Edit List, Cut, Copy, Paste facilities, Advanced Auto Arranger functions (allows sequences to be triggered from keys with velocity sensitivity and transposition), grab (imports tracks from other sequences), and more. Reference Quantize allows the user to quantize to a groove track, and to quantize tracks not previously recorded with a click. The Event Edit List, with view filters and audible scroll, enables precise, computer-style editing. If the user already created some work on a computer sequencer, or wants to use a computer for additional development, the K2600 can import and export either Type 1 or Type 0 MIDI files on DOS format media. The K2600 sequencer is the most sophisticated available.

    MIDI Control
    The K2600 and K2600X are complete MIDI controllers. The 600mm ribbon controller is programmable in 3 distinct zones or one long zone. It can be assigned to respond to finger positions as follows: relative to absolute center; relative to "virtual center" (initial finger-press defines the virtual starting point); return to center when finger is removed; or maintain current value when finger is removed. A shorter, pressure and direction sensitive ribbon controller below the pitch and mod wheels allows natural vibrato and subtle nuances of expression. Two buttons above the pitch and mod wheels are completely programmable. The front panel also has eight independently assignable sliders, useful as MIDI sliders, for sequencer mixdown, or as organ drawbars in the KB-3 Mode. Additional controllers include sequencer "transport control" buttons, 4 footswitch inputs, and 2 continuous control pedal inputs (1 CC2 and 1 CC2/breath controller). The breath controller input accepts Yamaha BC-1, BC-2, and BC-3 breath controllers. The multitude of flexible control surfaces make the K2600 the ideal center piece for any MIDI production.

    Balanced Outs
    The K2600 includes Balanced Audio Outputs that deliver professional audio signal levels (1/4 in. TRS). Unbalanced (1/4 in.) outputs are also supported.

    User-Installable Options
    Now more accessible than ever, the K2600 user can install options including PRAM memory expansion (from 477K to 1.5MB), Sample RAM (up to 128MB) and Sound ROM boards.

    Improved Keyboard Action
    Improved keyboard actions offer greater performance and reliability for the most demanding situations. Available in 76-note semi-weighted or 88-note fully-weighted keyboards.

    Live Mode
    Powerful V.A.S.T. DSP capabilities to process any incoming mono or stereo signal via the analog or digital sample inputs (requires the sampling option). Imagine plugging your guitar, microphone, mixer, or tape track directly into your K2600 and customizing the sound using any of the V.A.S.T. parameters, all in real time. Then add effects using the K2600's on board effects or the state-of-the-art KDFX. The K2600 is the most advanced real-time signal processor ever created. With the digital I/O option you get 8 in and 8 out KDS I/O that can bidirectioanlly communicate with the DMTi and any other devices wired to the DMTi, such as MDMs (Adat, TDIF), Computer I/O (AES, SPDIF), and more.

    Kurzweil is renowned for its non-obsolescence by design philosophy. With Flash ROM, the user can now easily upgrade the operating system from disk or SCSI and customize the factory program and setup lists, always keeping your instrument current with new features and technology. New software is made available via this web site or from your Kurzweil dealer. The user may also choose to upgrade the K2600's program and sample memory: battery-backed program RAM can be expanded from 477K to 1.5MB via a cost-effective memory upgrade. Sample memory now include 4MB and can be upgraded to 128MB for recording or capturing over 24 minutes of CD-quality sampled sound. The k2600 is the most flexible and upgradable instrument available.

    Onboard Sounds
    The K2600 offers over 450 programs (with 100s more available) for a wide and useful selection. Handy search string functions allow the user to locate a program, setup or object quickly in memory. The K2600 uses a file format that is K200 and K2500 compatible, enabling it to read Kurzweil or third-party sound libraries for each instrument from disk or CD-ROM. The K2600 can also read other manufactures' sample libraries including Roland's 700 Series, Akai S900, S950, S1000, S1100, and S3000, and Ensoniq EPS and ASR file formats. V.A.S.T. processing will give new life to these files. The K2600 gives the Kurzweil owner access to the largest sound library in the world.

    Interactive Setups
    The K2600 interactive setups allow for easy creative inspiration using multi-timbral "grooves." Kurzweil gives the user instant access to the most useful parameters for real-time control of programs and setups from a wide assortment of preassigned controllers.

    The rear panels of the K2600 and K2600X have been designed for better I/O placement. It also provides additional controller inputs for a multitude of interfacing possibilities. The controller inputs include 4 footswitch, a breath-controller, and 2 continuous control pedal jacks (1 CC2 pedal and 1 CC2/breath input). Interconnection is easy with two 25-pin SCSI connectors and MIDI In, Out, and Thru (Thru switchable to a copy of Out). Rear panel outputs are balanced and include a pair of mixed audio outs, 8 individual audio outs, and one headphone output. Add K2600 Options (SMP-2x/R) Sampling Options or DMTi Digital Multi-track interface) for a full range of additional digital I/O (provides 20-bit digital output). The DMTi Option interfaces directly with the DA-88 or ADAT (with optional interface board) and provides 4-bus data and sample rate conversion capabilities as well as acting as a very flexible digital patch bay. The K2600 brings unparalleled control, distribution, and communication to your digital audio environment.

    Kurzweil KDFX is standard on all K2600s. KDFX utilizes Kurzweil's VLSI DSP chip. It includes a versatile 5-stereo-bus design, 24-bit signal processing, cutting edge DSP functionality, and unparalleled real-time control, all with an extremely flexible routing scheme. All I/O can be routed through KDFX including 8 outputs and 8 inputs from Kurzweil Digital Stream (KDS) digital I/O, or sampling I/O. KDFX opens a whole new realm of possibilities for the K2600.

    Sound ROM
    The K2600 has 4 expansion slots for up to 44MB of sample ROM. Users can take advantage of the Orchestral and Contemporary ROM options that already exist for the K2000 and K2500 Series, since they can also be used in the K2600. Choosing from the world's largest library of sounds, 2 new sample ROMs are under development for even greater on board sound selection.

    The Choice is Clear
    Kurzweil's award-winning instruments have always been known for their excellent sound quality, long-life, and state-of-the-art synthesis and sampling technology. Once again Kurzweil delivers the next generation of music with the K2600. The right features, the right technology and the right sounds. Now more than ever Kurzweil is the choice of professionals around the world.

    ***Note -- The K2600 series no longer contains the video or 10-CD set. This was a Kurzweil promotion that ended approx. May 2001.

    Technical Info
    • Power Supply: User switchable international power supply.

    • Architecture: Proprietary V.A.S.T. system.

    • Polyphony: 48 voices.

    • Display: 64 x 240 fluorescent backlit display.

    • Analog I/O: 8 balanced audio outs plus mix stereo pair (can also be used as unbalanced). 600-ohm stereo headphone out.

    • With SMP-2X sampling option: Stereo 1/4 in. unbalanced analog hi-Z input (tip/ring/sleeve); 2 balanced lo-Z (XLR) inputs.

    • Digital I/O: With SMP-2X: 2 channels AES/EBU, SPDIF (via Optical and RCA) inputs and outputs. With Digital Input/Output Option: 8 channels of input and output via KDS ports.

    • Sample RAM: Up to 128 MB via non-composite 72 pin SIMMs.

    • Sound ROM: Up to 44 MB; 12 MB base ROM plus additional 8 MB Orchestral ROM, 8 MB Contemporary ROM and 2 more 8 MB blocks to be released in the future.

    • Sequence/Program RAM: 486KB user-programmable battery-backed RAM, expandable to 1.5 MB via PRAM upgrade kit.

    • SCSI support: Two SCSI-1 25-pin connectors.

    • Software Upgrades: User-installed upgrades via 3.5 in. DOS-compatible diskette or SCSI. Software available for download from Kurzweil‰s website. DOS compatibility required.

    • AFMS File System: User-friendly cataloging and retrieval of individual objects. Powerful utilities including: file search, info about media/available space, disk macros, startup file applications, and more.

    • KB3 Drawbar Mode: Allows blending of 9 harmonics per voice in real-time (full polyphony maintained at all times). KB3 Mode allows realistic tone wheel organ emulations and innovative, dynamic new timbres.

    • Live Mode: Process any incoming signal via the optional analog or digital inputs with powerful V.A.S.T. synthesis functions and built in KDFX capabilities.

    • Sample Processing DSP: DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on beats-per-minute timeline (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample, and many other functions. Sample Processing DSP is standard on all K2600 units.

    • Sequencer: Full-function sequencer with 16 song and 16 arrangement tracks. Offers pattern, linear, and step recording, Cut, Copy, Paste, advanced 'groove' quantizing, event list editing. and other powerful editing tools. Sequences can be triggered in real time from the keyboard.

    • Compatibility: Reads/writes Standard MIDI Files, AIFF and WAVE files. Reads libraries in Roland 700 series, Akai S900, S950, S1000, S1100, and S3000, Ensoniq EPS, and ASR file formats.

    Included Accessories
    • Power cable

    • Sustain pedal

    • Two manuals: the Musician's Guide and the Musician's Reference

    Optional Accessories
    • SMP-2X Advanced Sampling Option with Digital I/O, Optical I/O, and Sample-while-play. DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on a beats per minute time line (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample, and many other functions.

    • DIO-26 Digital Input/Output Option adds the ability to input and output eight channels of digital audio to/from the K2600. All incoming audio can then be routed through V.A.S.T. and KDFX processing.

    • DMTi Digital MultiTrack interface performs real-time digital data format conversion between K2600, AES/EBU, SPDIF, ADAT, and DA-88. It simultaneously performs real-time sample-rate conversion to 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz or a variety of external clock rates.

    • Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM Soundblocks add additional ROM samples, along with new preset programs and setups

    • PRAM-26 Program RAM Memory Expansion increases the amount of battery backed RAM from 486k to 1503k.

    • Dimensions: 54.3 x 17.8 x 4.8 in. (137.9 x 45.1 x 12.2cm)

    • Weight: 72 lbs. (32.7 kg)

    Zsounds Recording Gear

    zZounds Microphones

    Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

    Frequency response: 40 to 15,000 Hz. Cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic.

    Zsounds Recording GearzZounds Product Description
    What can you say about the Shure SM57? It is a tool found in the workbench of every sound engineer, both for live and studio applications. There's simply no question: it's a "must-have" mic.

    The SM57 is a cardiod (unidirectional) dynamic microphone with a contoured frequency response of 40 to 15,000 Hz, perfect for clean reproduction of vocals and instruments. But the SM57 is most renowned in the music industry as the standard microphone of choice for snare drums and guitar amplifiers. Go to any stage or studio and you're likely to find SM57s pointing at the amps and snare.

    By the way, the '57 has been proudly standing on the podium of the US President for over 30 years, so you can add patriotism to its outstanding attributes! This mic is also known to take a beating and come back for more, so tell your roadie Rocco to have a ball! Its outstanding performance, legendary reliability, and diversity of application make this "workhorse" the choice of performers, producers, and sound engineers the world over.

    Technical Info
    • Type: Dynamic

    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid), rotationally symmetrical about
      microphone axis, uniform with frequency 3-pin professional audio connector (male XLR type)

    • Case: Dark gray, enamel-painted, die-cast steel with a polycarbonate
      grille and a stainless steel screen.

    • Dimensions: 32 x 157 x 23mm (1-1/4 x 6-3/16 x 29/32 in.)

    • Swivel Adapter: Positive-action, break-resistant, adjustable through 180Á,
      with standard 5/8 in.-27 thread

    • Net Weight (without cable): 284 g (10 oz.)

    • Furnished Accessories: Swivel Adapter, Storage Bag

    zZounds Bass Guitar

    One of the zZounds Bass Guitar best choice.

    Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass Guitar

    zZounds Bass Guitar zZounds Instrument Description
    Ibanez first introduced the Soundgear bass in 1987. That same bass continues to be one of the world's most played basses.

    So being a beginner or on a budget means a boring bass, right? Not any more it doesn't. New from Ibanez, the GSR basses offer you the famous Soundgear sleekness, comfort, tone, and playability at a price that will astound you.

    Not only do GSR Soundgears look and play better than everything else in their price range, every GSR Soundgear gets the same warranty, rigorous setup, and inspection of their more expensive models.

    • Neck Type: Agathis

    • Body: GSR4

    • Fret: Medium

    • Bridge: Standard 4

    • Neck Pickup: PSNDP

    • Bridge Pickup: PSNDJ

    • EQ: Passive

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    Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (with Case)

    The Les Paul Studio enhances the solid, proven design of the world’s most famous guitar with a wide choice of finishes, a sleek, no-frills look. The Les Paul Studio is the favorite of guitarists who demand traditional Les Paul performance with a modern attitude.

    About the Les Paul Series
    No matter where Gibson Les Paul is seen — in the hands of a star performer, silhouetted in a guitar dealer's ad, or cast in brass and incorporated into the architecture of a restaurant — it is universally recognized as the symbol of rock and roll music. From the basic no-frills guitars to elegant showpieces, the guitars of Les Paul are the standard-bearers of Gibson's excellence.

    In 1894, in a one-man shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Orville Gibson created a new family of guitars and mandolins that would inspire generations of craftsmen to produce some of the finest instruments the world has ever heard or seen. The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Co., Ltd., was formed on October 10, 1902, to build instruments that carry on not only Orville's designs but also his conviction to quality.

    Gibson celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1994 with the spirit of Orville still going strong. Gibson's combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology has made Gibson the only company that produces industry standard models in every style of fretted instrument, from electric and acoustic guitars to mandolins, banjos, and resonator guitars.

    The Gibson Gold Warranty carries on the tradition of the limited lifetime warranty introduced by the company's founders. It represents their commitment to producing the world's finest musical instruments and providing complete customer satisfaction.

    Gibson Gold Warranty
    Your new Gibson instrument is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original retail purchaser, subject to the limitations contained in this warranty.

    If at any time this Gibson instrument malfunctions as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, Gibson will repair the defect(s) or replace the instrument, as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. Gibson reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized at the time of repair in the event that original materials are no longer available, If replacement of your instrument is deemed appropriate by our staff, Gibson will replace the instrument with one of the same or most similar style of a value not in excess of the original purchase price of your instrument.

    This warranty covers the cost of both labor and materials on any repair deemed necessary by our Customer Service Representative for the lifetime of the original purchaser. In the unlikely event that your instrument is destroyed, lost or damaged beyond repair, while in the possession of Gibson for repair, Gibson will replace that instrument with one of the same or most similar style of a value not in excess of the original purchase price of your instrument. Any insurance covering the instrument, including but not limited to collector's value insurance, must be carried by owner at owner's expense. For more info please refer to the Gibson website.

    Technical Info
    • Manufactured in: Nashville, TN

    • Top Species: Carved Maple top

    • Back Species: Mahogany

    • Neck Species: Mahogany

    • Profile: '59 Les Paul Rounded

    • Peghead Pitch: 17 degrees

    • Thickness at 1st Fret: 0.818 in.

    • Thickness at 12th Fret: 0.963 in.

    • Heel Length: 0.625 in.

    • Neck Joint Location: 16th fret

    • Fingerboard Species: Rosewood; Ebony on Classic/Alpine White and Platinum

    • Scale Length: 24-3/4 in.

    • Total Length: 18.062 in.

    • Number of Frets: 22

    • Nut Width: 1-11/16 in.

    • Width at 12th Fret: 2.062 in.

    • Inlays: Pearloid trapezoid, none on Platinum

    • Hardware Plating Finish: Chrome or Gold ; Brushed Chrome on Platinum

    • Tailpiece: Stopbar

    • Bridge: Tune-o-matic

    • Knobs: Black Speed

    • Tuners: Green Key

    • Neck Pickup: 490R Alnico magnet humbucker

    • Bridge Pickup: 498T Alnico magnet humbucker

    • Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way switch

    • Case Interior: Dark Grey Plush with Black Shroud

    • Case Exterior: Black Reptile Pattern Hardshell

    • Case Silkscreen: Silver 'Gibson USA' logo

    • Strings: Brite Wires .010-.046

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